Chinese phone maker introduces new smartphone for Kenyans

A new smartphone from a leading Chinese phone maker — Xiaomi — has been introduced to the Kenyan market.

Xiaomi is famed for its affordable but fairly good quality smartphones, with its latest model, the Redmi Note 2, which has entered the Kenyan market.

Redmi Note 2 is the kind of phone that one needs when they need a good and wide screen with good features yet on low budget.

Even though the phone’s specifications might not be as exciting as those of other established brands in the smartphone world, this budget-phone is worth a try for those who want to have a feel of a smartphone.

Some people have had issues with displays larger than 5 inches, as they make it a tad uncomfortable to use with one hand, but the 5.5-inch Redmi Note 2 is not hard to get used to.

While it has the same screen size as that of iPhone 6S Plus, the Redmi Note 2 is smaller in size and fits comfortably in one’s palm.

Apart from having a 5.5-inch full-HD display, the Note 2 has a MediaTek Helio X10 octa-core 64-bit processor. It has 2GB of RAM as well as 16GB of internal storage and has, as well, a microSD card that supports up to 32GB of storage space. This means you’ll be able to get up to 52GB of storage if you need it.

The 13-MP rear camera is fine, but not terrific. It’s near perfect in bright outdoors as it captures images in in sharp colours. The camera however struggles in indoor light and might not get the perfect shade of the colours.

The Note 2’s camera locks onto objects pretty quickly, thanks to its 0.1s phase detection autofocus, which is another plus supported by other software enhancements, such as panorama mode for taking wide landscape shots.

The front camera isn’t too shabby; you’ll be able to take good-looking 5-megapixel selfies thanks to the phone’s built-in beautifying mode.

The interesting bit is that Xiaomi have gone with Apple design handbook of putting all apps on the home screen by default. It, however, runs on an Android version called MIUI.

MIUI drops the Android app drawer (where the apps are usually found) in favour of putting all the apps on the home screens. You can easily sort apps into folders, and there’s a smart feature that lets you use one digit to drag an app icon while using another one to flip the “page” to get to a new screen. This is way easier than bringing the app to the edge of the display.

Redmi Note 2 has an amazing battery life of up to to nine hours with continuous use which is good for a phone with a 3,060mAh battery.

Redmi Note 2 comes in five different colours: white, dark gray, blue, pink and yellow. You can also buy a different cover to replace it, or use a different colour snap-on case to enhance the phone’s look.

The Redmi Note 2 comes with dual-SIM 4G. With this phone, you won’t need to upgrade your phone as telcos roll out 4G services across the country.

At Sh19,000, the Redmi Note 2 is quite a deal given its much better performance.

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