Chiefs warned against campaigning for politicians

Chiefs in Central region who engage in political campaigns or favour politicians be sacked.

Central Regional Coordinator Naphtali Mungathia warned the administrators against engaging in campaigns.

He issued the warning amid claims by some aspirants that chiefs are being used to campaign for politicians in exchange for money. Parts of Mathira, Othaya and Tetu constituencies have been named as some of the affected areas.

According to Mr Mungathia, the claims are being investigated and those found culpable will be sacked.

“I want to warn officers that anyone who is biased or engages in campaigns for any aspirant will be sacked and disciplined accordingly,” he said.

Chiefs in Othaya are alleged to be meeting with a candidate whom they have been campaigning for.

Parliamentary aspirant Gichuki Mugambi complained that local senior government administration officers are engaging in political campaigns in favour of the aspirant.

“Am worried that chiefs have already sided with one candidate and have been holding private meetings. Administration should engage in politics,” said Mr Mugambi.

The same reports were made in Mathira where chiefs have also been accused of favouring some aspirants.

Police officers have also been asked to remain vigilant and those who fail to avert violence will also risk being sacked.

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