Charles Njagua apologises for fighting Babu Owino in Parliament

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has apologised for Tuesday’s public scuffle with Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili.

Mr Njagua and Mr Ongili, popularly known as Babu Owino, within the precincts of Parliament.


Mr Njagua asked the public, particularly the people of Starehe, to forgive him and promised never to be involved in such scuffles.

“I want to apologise to the public and the people of Starehe for what happened because I know they never elected me to fight but to work for them,” he said at a press conference in Parliament Buildings on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Mr Njagua and Embakasi Central MP Benjamin Mwangi accosted Mr Ongili in Parliament’s press room and exchanged blows over the legitimacy of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two promised to teach Mr Ongili a lesson for disrespecting the President.


Mr Njagua said Mr Ongili is his friend. He said he confronted Mr Ongili but he had not planned a fight. Mr Njagua said he only wanted to talk to him as a friend and dissuade him from attacking the President.

“Instead, Mr Owino started shouting as if he suffers from a bipolar condition and started throwing punches to my side and insulting the President. I want to apologise to all those who were offended by my action,” he said.

“I apologise to Mr Owino but I ask him to stop attacking the President.”

He said elected leaders should be role models to young people.


Mr Mwangi also apologised to the public, saying it was not a fight but a public misunderstanding between the three elected leaders.

“It was a small thing because we didn’t fight. Mr Owino is our friend and I take this opportunity to apologise to him. We, however, remind him that it is not proper for a youth leader to abuse the President,” he said.

The two legislators insisted that their apology should not be construed as weakness as they will take on Mr Ongili if he continues attacking the President.

Parliament security have started investigations into the scuffle that unfolded in front of journalists.

The Powers and Privileges Act provides for the Speaker to order an MP involved in gross misconduct to leave the precincts of Parliament for a minimum of five and a maximum of 28 days.

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