Calm returns to troubled border after 15 are killed in Transmara

Map of Shartuka and Njipiship ranches in Transmara.The boundary dispute caused conflict between Maasai and Kipsigis communities living in the area.PHOTO:ROBERT KIPLAGAT

Calm has returned to the border of Transmara East and Transmara West following conflicts between members of the Maasai and Kipsigis communities.

At least 15 people have been killed and several houses torched in the last one year as the locals fight over land in Shartuka and Njipiship ranches.

The problem has been compounded by reports that some members were shortchanged during the sharing out of the land. The reports claimed some got nothing or too little while others got up to 50 acres.

National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri said they were investigating the allocations and title deeds for irregularities.

Dr Swazuri, who was accompanied by commissioners Clement Lenachuru and Samuel Tororei, also met 20 elders from both sides who agreed to work together together to restore lasting peace.

“We will give the outcome of our investigations in two weeks and we are asking you to accept the findings,” Swazuri said.


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“We have had lengthy discussions with representatives from both sides and have agreed on what we need to do. The issue has overwhelmed everyone but we are here to solve it. It would however be pointless for us to come here if you are not part of what we have agreed with your representatives.” 

The area has remained relatively quiet for the last two weeks, with no reports of violence. The county security committee has asked residents to maintain peace as concerned national government agencies work out a solution. 

“It is unfortunate that you (residents) have chosen to attack and kill each other. While you hurt yourselves, the Government is also becoming concerned with this state of affairs. Never again should such a thing happen,” said County Commissioner Moffat Kangi.

He said those illegally occupying public and private land would be evicted and their titles revoked.

Meanwhile, Mr Kangi gave residents 14 days to return illegal guns or face disarmament.



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