Businessman sues Mugabe’s wife; exposes her WhatsApp texts

Zimbambwe First lady Grace Mugabe

A Lebanese businessman has sued Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe accusing her of seizing his property in the country’s capital Harare and threatening to harm him.

The two have been in conflict over a 1.3m diamond ring that the Zimbabwe first Lady had ordered from the businessman.

Grace denied the accusations saying she ordered the ring for her 20th anniversary but it took long to be delivered and she therefore, wanted her money back, adding that the ring was substandard.

Ahmed Jamal revealed to the court WhatsApp messages that Grace had sent him, threatening to kick him out of the country.

“Threaten as much as you want, the property is gone, you have to come to terms with that. You can abuse me but you owe me, you won’t force me to wear that thing [ring],” reads part of the text from Mrs Mugabe.

She goes on: “So why worry abusing me? You know it, it’s your house. Why don’t you come and live in it? You only talk about your property, what about my money?


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“Stupid. Don’t ever think you will enter this country again (sic).”

The President’s wife is accused of grabbing three properties of Mr. Jamal.

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