Businessman causes stir in court, screams to secure release

Drama ensued at the Chief Magistrate’s court on Monday when an aspirant for Nairobi Senatorial seat Paul Kobia started screaming and shouting demanding to be freed to seek treatment.

Mr Kobia, who was scheduled to plead to a charge of kidnaping a Congolese national Blanchard Condole, shocked everyone with the drama he caused.

As he screamed and ‘shed tears’, he claimed that he was experiencing excruciating pain requiring urgent medical attention.

“Let me explain myself…let me speak please your honour,” Mr Kobia shouted in court.

Chief magistrate Francis Andayi demanded an explanation from the suspect why he was shouting and drawing unnecessary attention.

Mr Kobia replied: “I was dragged out of hospital before I recuperated. I am sick and in great pain. I need treatment. I need to go home. Please allow me to seek medication.”

Mr Kobia who was scheduled to plead to the charges filed against him last Friday, did not appear in court as he was ordered on March 10, when police produced him in court and then sought 14 days to complete investigations.

A senior principal magistrate Ms Mirriam Mugure Peter granted the police their prayers to do the investigations.

She also released Mr Kobia and four other suspects on a cash bail of Sh100,000 and ordered them to appear before the investigating officer every day from March 11 to complete investigations.

Mr Andayi was informed by lawyers Kirathe Wandugi and Henry Kurauka that Mr Kobia was indisposed having been involved in a road accident on March 11 on the Thika Superhighway.

The magistrate was urged to allow Mr Kobia to appear on Monday to take plea but instead he caused a stir.

His screams attracted even members of the public who ran to the courtroom to witness what was happening there.

Mr Kobia allegedly locked up Mr Condole in a house along Mzima Springs at Kileleshwa, Nairobi County.

He is jointly charged with Alvin Anzaya, Nelson Moyi, John Mutwiri and Martin Mwangi.

Mr Andayi allowed Mr Kobia time to go to hospital for treatment until April 10, when the case will be mentioned for further directions.

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