BREAKING: Uhuru Starts To Punish Chief Justice Maraga As Hon Wambugu Files Petition to Remove Him From Office

The petition to remove Chief Justice David Maraga is President Uhuru beginning to “fix the Supreme Court”. And make no mistake, if they succeed that post will never go to anyone outside Mt. Kenya. And remember at this point in time there is virtually no Kalenjin who can be CJ. None!

What’s more insulting is the ground that they are using. Uhuru is saying that the Chief Justice is of “unsound mind”.

In Kameme FM this morning they were referring to him as “Muguruka” or something like that. A mad man.

They are not interested in the rule of law. All they want is unfettered, unchecked and unaccountable power.

All they want is to rule us.

Raila Odinga in 2013 didn’t attack individual judges. No CORD MP (then) pushed for the removal of then Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga. He disagreed with the judgement then, but proved through his actions that he respected it and would abide by it.

Now Kenyans must decide if this country only belongs to a few or to all.

And guys, if they succeed in removing the Chief Justice then there is nothing they can’t do to you.

A sad day for Kenya.


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