Breaking Sad: Another UoN Student Tom Wanjoi Dies, Clobbered by Police Who Stormed His Room.

By Anwar Sadat

To the family of Tom Warui Wanjohi, the third year architecture student at UoN who has succumbed to injuries sustained when police invaded their classroom and clobbered him until he became unconscious, our prayers and thoughts are with you during this trying times.

It is sad that you sent your son to school, paid for his education, and your son was actually in class , doing the very thing you paid his school for, only for killer gangs in police uniform to pull him from his class with other students and beaten unconsciously, leaving him for death.

Probably, if they had spoken to him in their tribal dialect, they would have found out that he came from central kenya, and maybe they wouldn’t have beat him so badly like they did.

Now, instead of attending the graduation ceremony for your son, Jubilee is forcing you to attend his funeral.

I have no words that can comfort you during this difficult time. Oppressors knows no tribe; their only interest is to retain power at any cost.

Fare thee well comrade Tom. Your death should have never happened.


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