BREAKING NEWS: Raila Tells Uhuru ”You Did Not Win Anything, You Rigged the Elections”


During the inauguration of Dr. Joyce Laboso as Governor of Bomet two days ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta tried to create the impression that he won the presidency by dint of the fact that his Jubilee Party has a majority of Governors, Senators and Members of the National Assembly.

This characterization of the results of the contest is disturbing but hardly surprising. Mr. Kenyatta and his Jubilee team are suffering from acute legitimacy deficit and are clutching at every straw to acquire it.

This narrative is a continuation of the culture of electoral impunity that brought Uhuru and Jubilee to power in 2013 and which they hope will help them scrape through again in 2017.

The National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition denounces this attempt by Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee Party to position itself as the legitimate ruling government of Kenya.

We wish to remind Uhuru and the country at large, that the so-called victory, including the parliamentary, county assembly and gubernatorial contests Jubilee is touting are mostly products of organized crime perpetrated by the Jubilee regime and its presidential candidate and which NASA will soon be exposing in court. Jubilee committed high crimes to get to office, which has been a trend since 2007 but NASA will not allow them stay in office.

We have indicated that as we challenge the result of the presidential race so are we going to challenge the results of other races from Gubernatorial, Senatorial, National Assembly and County Assembly representatives. All these races were rigged and specifically targeted electoral units. The fraud on other seats including senatorial and national assembly is as blatant as that committed in the presidential race.
Jubilee’s fraudulent win in all races is not synonymous with winning the presidency.

Moreover the number of gubernatorial and parliamentary seats cannot be compared with presidential votes since NASA as a coalition had multiple candidates whose combined votes were more than those of winning Jubilee candidates. The total collation of NASA votes far surpassed Jubilee’s.

In Lang’ata Constituency for example where a Jubilee candidate was declared winner, the accumulated presidential votes of all NASA affiliate party candidates went to Raila Odinga.

Even if Uhuru was to be taken at his word, in 2007 Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) had double the number of MPs of PNU candidate Mwai Kibaki whom Uhuru supported despite being the official leader of the opposition. He did not seem to have a problem with the fact that a candidate with fewer MPs compared to those of ODM was declared winner.

In any case all over the world fraud aside, it is normal to have a president that does not control one or both houses of Parliament. A good case in point was the Obama administration in his last tenure as president of a republican controlled congress.

When the chips are finally down and our depiction in the Supreme Court demonstrates the true numbers and the myriad of petitions in other offices sail through, Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee team will be exposed as the greatest fraudsters and subjugators of the will of Kenyans. Uhuru must hold his horses and withhold his lies.

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