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BREAKING NEWS: Lawyer Ahmednassir tell KTN, “Raila will be your next president”

Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi to Chris Thairu, KTN Reporter:

“Yes, I don’t refute the fact that I was aligned to Jubilee. Its because they had a transformative manifesto which later degenerated into a rhetoric. They have completely failed.

Right from endemic corruption, extrajudicial killings, total disregard and defilement of the constitution, arrogance and failure to foster national unity and I don’t have to remind you how they humiliated Raila in Nyeri.

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I asserted sometimes back that no one can dislodge Uhuru from power because the defunct CORD had been thrown into total disarray, with confusion being the hallmark of their activities.

Today as we speak, the opposition is one very cohesive and objective clique of rejuvenated men with oomph and the gravitas to topple Mr. Kenyatta.

Do you see the organization, new brains, flexing of financial muscles, sharpened and precise message and the international support that NASA is enjoying?

Uhuru’s goose is cooked. As things stand now, in my honest opinion, Raila Odinga will be your next president. That is my personal assessment.”

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