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BREAKING NEWS Cabinet Secretary Matiang’i home in FLAMES

KDRTV Exclusive Kisii: Fred Matiang’i Cabinet Secretary home in Kisii is currently up in flames.

A group of local Kisii youth were caught setting on the fire. A guard man told they came in fast and quickly. I did not even hear them coming in.

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They told me take everyone and leave. I ran and told everyone leave NOW! I wanted to protect the house but the youth were loaded.

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I called in back up from the local police station they came tried to calm them down but they were not agreeing on anything. The other option of opening fire on them but it was impossible.

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They had some of the finest most accurate guns used by the USA government.

They started with Matiang’i room and put then put the WHOLE house up in FLAMES

Matiang’i in an Undisclosed location is yet to year about the News

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