BREAKING: Hon Eng Mwadime of Bunge La Mwananchi MURDERED In A House In Mwatate, Taita Taveta

Bunge La Mwananchi has received sad news this morning.

The Chairman of Bunge La Mwananchi in Taita Taveta County comrade Eng Humphrey Mwadime is no more. He was found murdered in a house in Mwatate this morning. Comrade Humphrey had reported at Wundanyi police station about threats on his life. He had received several threatening calls and messages warning him about the consequences of opposing the system. He wrote to some Local organizations here in Kenya seeking for help but none responded due to his political stand. Now the mafia has finished him.

My comrade Eng Mwadime; I will not ask you to rest in peace, they have killed your body but your soul shall leave forever. Let not your spirit rest until you have dealt properly with those who murdered you. As they try to enjoy the money that they were paid to eliminate you, let their stomachs burst into pieces in public. They will be killed on top of other people’s wives. Let the ancestors know that we are fully in charge of the struggle and soon the liberation will be realized. You died on the line of duty.


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