BREAKING: Court Orders Police To Release Hon Babu Owino After Paying Cash Bail of Sh500000

Court orders that Embakasi MP Babu Owino is released after paying a cash bail of Sh500,000 and two sureties of Sh1 million each deposited.
Well, Political pundit Onyango Ochieng Jr had this to say has hearing continued;

“If you listened to the judge keenly, he could not understand any sense on the prosecution arguments (Bail Denial plea) against Hon.Babu Owino. He in fact got to a point of lecturing the deputy DPP and the entire prosecution about constitutional law and bond and bond bail policy 2015 citing authoritative examples that made these accusers look like coerced idiots. Which begs the question; is Tobiko really sane or he is bringing these poorly written and argued charges to appease the govt! Evidently, he has joined the ever growing list of Uhuru’s housemaids. Just like that, they have given Orengo the stage to prove that he is brighter than the entire Directorate of Public Prosecution.

Orengo is brighter than DPP and the entire workers in his office; jointly and singly. By the way, anybody who studied law or passed near a law school or bumped into any criminal law book will tell you this case is going nowhere. Babu’s comments were so vague, general and ambiguous that unless the standard of proof is lowered to placate state whims….these charges will be flashed out like feces are flushed from the anus. Unless Babu is tried in a kangaroo court of Kikuyu council of elders….this case is purely based on emotions than law, logic or proven fact. I told you last time about METAPHORS”-Onyango Ochieng Jr.


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