Body of intruder shot at State House lies unclaimed a week later


The body of a man who was shot dead within State House is yet to be claimed.

It was booked at the City Mortuary as ‘unknown male adult’ by police officers from Kileleshwa Police Station on March 26 at about 6.40pm.

This was after a General Service Unit officer manning the official residence of the President shot him at close range.

Attendants at the mortuary said yesterday no one had so far claimed the body.

“It is still unclaimed. There are many other bodies here that remain unclaimed,” said an attendant at the mortuary.

It is not clear why the officers who took body to the mortuary claimed he had been shot and killed along Dennis Pritt Road. Dennis Pritt Road is one of the roads near State House.

The victim was not armed at the time of his shooting, a source familiar with the incident said.

According to the police, the victim was alone at one of the parking lots when he was shot three times by the officers.

The President was not present when the incident happened. He was attending a tournament at Muthaiga Golf Club and was informed about it when he returned. All members of the First Family were not present at the time of the shooting.

It is believed the victim jumped over the perimeter fence and wandered for some time before he was spotted.

“Given the distance between the perimeter fence and where he was found, it shows he had been there for a while. He was at a parking lot near the main building,” said the source.

The main building houses the President’s office and living quarters for the First Family. According to the insiders, the intrusion and shooting shocked many including the President and has since prompted various security measures around the compound.

Other officers have condemned the shooting, saying their colleagues could have arrested him to establish his motive.


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