Bill will help tame theft of public resources, Kiambu Senator says

The senator said, in a scheme to squander public money, some officials in the devolved units exaggerated the liabilities which they inherited from the defunct local authorities by taking advantage of the transition gap.

A Bill tabled in the Senate will help tame theft of public resources by county officials, especially during the transition period, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi has said.

The senator said lack a clear provision to oversee hand over from one governor to the other after every five years could create an opportunity for corrupt officials to loot public resources, especially those who are sure that they will lose.

But if adopted, Mr Wamatangi says, the Assumption of the Office of Governor Bill, 2016 will avert any possible theft. The Bill seeks to provide a procedure for the assumption of office by governor-elect.

“Without a clear law, how can we confirm the pieces of land or vehicles and other valuables that a county has? How will we know if county officials decide to transfer them to themselves before the change of regime? What surety will we have that the amount of debt left has not been exaggerated like it happened in the last elections,” Mr Wamatangi said.


The proposed law, according to the senator, will ensure unscrupulous county officials will not take advantage of the transition gap.

The Bill seeks to establish an ad hoc committee (Assumption of the Office of Governor) that will be chaired by county secretaries to facilitate handing over, and set the swearing-in day as the first Tuesday following the twenty-first day after the declaration of the election result.

 Other 11 members will include chief officers, county Commissioner, county police and intelligence officers, two nominees by the governor-elect and clerk of the county assembly in a respective county.

Mr Wamatangi said the proposed law compels all governors to prepare lists of all assets and liabilities in their respective counties at least 90 days to the elections.

The committees will then authenticate the lists to ensure all assets and bills are documented, and this, the senator said, will make it impossible to loot anything since properties will be at the hands of the committee, and after the election, the new governor will find them intact.

 “It will be therefore be clear what properties the incoming governors will find and they will behind when exiting office,” said the senator.

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Bill will help tame theft of public resources, Kiambu Senator says