Bill kicks disabled, youth out of public purchasing board

Four groups risk exclusion from the Public Procurement Regulatory Board sittings if a proposal contained in Finance Bill 2017 sails through.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), Association of Professional Societies in East Africa, youth and persons with disabilities will be denied representation on the board whose role is to provide procedures for efficient public procurement and assets disposal by public entities.

The proposed amendments to section 10 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 specifically require that the Cabinet secretary appoints two members nominated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Kenya Institute of Supplies Management to the board.

The bill has also removed a requirement that two persons nominated by the respective organisations representing the youth and persons with disabilities be appointed.

Instead, it has recommended that four other persons be appointed by the minister.

“The Bill seeks to amend the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2015, to address the three main issues missing in the Act and which are critical to the implementation of the Act.”

“Namely: the composition of the Public Procurement Regulatory Review Board, the composition of the Public Procurement Review Board and the introduction of specially permitted procurement method as an alternative procurement method,” the Bill states.

It also proposes that in the picking of chairperson and members, appointing authority shall ensure gender balance.

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