Bhang smugglers busted after a roll falls from moving car in Kiambu County

It was the proverbial end of 40 days after two smugglers transporting bhang worth Sh 1 million were busted by police in Banana, Kiambu County.


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The duo had driven from Kisumu using a saloon car stuffed with 131 rolls of bhang when they were apprehended by police Tuesday night.

As they sped on the highway, motivated by how much money they would make, the gods got upset and the rear window of the car burst open sending the illicit merchandise  spilling out for all to see.

The consignment was found in the hands of this scraggly pair, who had set off all the way from Nyanza in a Toyota Premio headed for Nairobi.

Unfortunately, they had overloaded the vehicle with the illicit cargo and when it hit rumble strips, the rear window gave way, spilling a considerable amount of the 131 kilograms of bhang which went flying out of the car, confirming police suspicion who immediately swung into action.

Another vehicle, a Probox, that was part of the convoy however managed to evade the police dragnet.

The two suspects were arraigned in court Wednesday morning and are assisting local police with investigations.

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