Barack Obama’s brother shares Kenya birth certificate

The certificate indicates that a male child called Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961, and his parents are stated as Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Snr – his real parents.

Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama has reignited a row over the former US President’s birth certificate by suggesting he was born in Kenya.

Malik, an ardent Donald Trump supporter, posted on Twitter a picture of a document that alleges his brother was born at ‘Coast Province General Hospital’ in Mombasa.

PIX2 Barack Obama's brother shares Kenya birth certificate

Malik Obama tweeted an image purporting to be the former US president’s birth certificate.

In 2009, the Daily Nation called into question the use of ‘Coast Province’ or ‘Coast Provincial’ as a correct reference to the official name of the Mombasa general public hospital in 1961.

Dan Branch, a British professor in African history at the University of Warwick, noted that at that time Kenyan provinces were referred to as “regions.”

The older Obama has had a frosty relationship with his brother.

Mr Malik in 2008 opposed then senator Obama’s candidature for the US presidency.

Last year, Mr Malik accused the former US president of ignoring his Kenyan family and the African continent after he was elected the first black president of the US despite using his Kenyan roots as a strong pillar of his 2008 presidential campaigns.

“President Obama is my brother and I love him, but he is a hypocrite because he has neglected his African heritage and wants nothing to do with it despite campaigning on a platform that he will help transform Africa,” said Mr Malik.

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