Bank launches integrated digital system

Tier three lender Jamii Bora Bank has launched an integrated digital banking system “DigiLife” for internet banking services.

It enables customers undertake online transactions, conduct mobile
money transfers and apply for credit facilities anytime on any internet enabled device.

“Our customers are increasingly using mobile devices and online
facilities to conduct their businesses and through DigiLife, our
customers will be able to pay for utilities and make bulk transfers from their
online locations, apply for mobile micro-credit of up to KShs100,000 from their
mobile phones and undertake mobile banking activities such as airtime purchases
and transfer of cash via M-Pesa and Pesalink to the convenience of their palms,
living rooms and business premises,” said Tim Kabiru JBBL group deputy Chief
Executive Officer in a statement.

The move will minimize operating costs for the bank as well as the customers while also
ensuring expanded access to the bank’s products and services. DigiLife will
also complement the bank’s conventional banking operations as doing banking on
the go is more efficient to the modern-day customer.

The bank has also
integrated M-Pesa superagency, enabling agents to register and link their M-Pesa
tills to their bank accounts. Other money transfer services such as Western
Union and Moneygram have also been catered for enabling people to send and
receive money from their loved ones abroad.

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