‘Baba’ Statement on Nakumatt Supermarket Closing Down, More Jobs Lost As Corruption Reins

By Julie Ellefson

And Baba says:

“Our people are still hurting: millions of youths still don’t have employment; the economy is stagnating with companies closing their businesses. The youth unemployment in kenya is the highest among its neighbors in Africa, standing at 40%.

Parents of millions of students had to pay millions of shillings in school fees this term because Uhuru and Jubilee Temporarily delayed our programs when they decided to subvert the will of the people by bungling the 8/8/17 elections.

Both NASA and myself are committed to ensure that those Kenyans without Jobs will have employment; that Kenyans have both free primary and secondary education; that single parents have the necessary government assistance to make life manageable; that our nurses and medical practitioners are paid properly to ensure that citizens have access to quality and affordable healthcare; that we as a government have enough and sufficient food to feed our people.

Our mission has been simple; to lower the costs of living to all Kenyans irrespective of their tribe, religion, or their last names; provide opportunities where Kenyans can engage in meaningful work to earn a decent salary to support their families; and develop a nation where those who work hard are assured of success.

Our government will be a government of the people, only driven by the desire to make kenya great again.

Under NASA, Kenyans are in safe hands.

Though our progress was delayed, but I promise you that when we take over government, we shall implement our agenda of improving the lives of Kenyans from Day one.”

– Hon. Dr. Raila Odinga: NASA & People’s President.


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