Awiti concedes, Shahbal and Omar plan to petition Joho win

Four Mombasa governor candidates are mulling their next move after losing to ODM’s Hassan Joho.

Whereas Hezron Awiti (Nyali MP) has conceded, Jubilee’s Suleiman Shahbal and Wiper’s Hassan Omar say they will petition Joho’s re-election in court.

The governor, who retained the seat with 221,177 votes, will be inaugurated on August 22.

Awiti garnered 4,709 votes and says he is re-strategising to bounce back again in 2022.

He told The Star that besides working on a winning formula and amending the wrongs, he is also concentrating on his transport and logistics business.

Daniel Kitsao of Kadu Asili said he is done with politics after managing only 1,670 votes in the August 8 competition.

On Friday, Shahbal said he has come to the conclusion that it is “impossible” to win an election fairly in Mombasa.

“You need to play it rough just like our opponent who has perfected the art,” he said, adding that a win is not only pegged on popular votes.

“Other aspects came in handy for our opponent. The election was rigged but I still serve locals without holding political office,” Shahbal, who got 69,515 votes, said.

Th politician added that great leaders worldwide – Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jrand Nelson Mandela – were not elected.

“Our aim was to change Mombasa and this can be achieved even without holding political seats. There are many roads leading to Rome.”

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Omar said he is building a strong case against Joho and will soon appeal the results which showed he got 43,787 votes.

A member of his secretariat team said they have compelling evidence of manipulation during tallying and transmission of results.

“Omar is yet to concede and this proves something is being worked on,” the official said in confidence because he is not authorised to speak to the press.

He added all evidence points towards fraud adding that Jubilee played a crucial role in Joho’s win.

“It doesn’t make sense for Joho to get such votes. We suspect collusion between the county government and national government,” the official said.

“Such massive win can only be pulled with the help of the state.”

Shahbal said he is content with the votes he delivered for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Of all Coast counties, Mombasa had the highest number of votes cast for President Uhuru Kenyatta – 99,190. You cannot wish Jubilee away here.”

Joho reached out to the four when he was declared winner at Bandari College on Saturday.

Citing the drugs menace and dwindling education standards in the region, he said they have great ideas that will benefit locals.

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