Avoid secession talk for it might cause chaos: lawyer

A lawyer has warned that the talk of secession could plunge the country into bloodbath, arguing that the time is not ripe for it.

Nairobi based Ambrose Weda, of Weda and Co Advocates, said although the debate is a healthy one because it shows the maturing of democracy in the country, it is not yet the appropriate time to push for it.

“In secession, there must be war, bloodbath then a referendum. It will not come during our time. It will take 20 to 30 years and it is not for our time,” he said.

He said countries like South Sudan, Kosovo and others that managed to secede took a long time and if Kenya was to go that path, the grandchildren of the current generation will witness it.

The lawyer made the remarks during an interview at Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort in Diani during the ongoing Law Society of Kenya annual conference.

He was reacting to sentiments made by renowned economist and columnist Dr David Ndii, also the head of the Nasa technical committee.


Dr Ndii has suggested that the country could be divided into two states – People’s Republic of Kenya and Central Republic of Kenya – following continued election feuds.

Dr Ndii has been widely quoted in local and foreign media as saying “Nasa wants divorce from Kenya” because “Kenya is a cruel marriage”.

Mr Weda accused Dr Ndii of advocating “the negative side” of the secession arguing that the purpose was not for the current President to rule half of the country.

“Dr Ndii tried to portray that the Luos are so scared of the Kikuyus that they have to flee or the Kikuyus cannot live with the Luos.


“I don’t think President Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga should lead half the country.

“I don’t think Odinga, even if he is told, will accept it. If it is Canaan, it has to be full and not half Canaan,” he said.

Dr Ndii’s sentiments were made during a live NTV broadcast where he also explained why Nasa opted to petition the presidential results at the Supreme Court, have received mixed reaction from across the country and gone viral in social media.

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