Australian university seeking to enroll professional students

Australia’s Edith Cowen University will next week hold a student recruitment week in Kenya to provide students with opportunities to further their studies in the top university.

ECU Week will be conducted in partnership with Australian Education Consultants between July 26 and 28 and showcase some of the varsity’s schools including arts and humanities, business and law, engineering, nursing and midwifery and science.

“ECU are hoping to link their academics with local education institutions with the view to forming associations for collaborative research and, or recruitment from colleges to undergraduate programmes or undergraduates to masters programmes at ECU,” AEC director Mahul Shah said in a statement.

During the ECU Week academic staff will be showcasing areas of university studies and provide the Kenyan professional community with an opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops.

AEC represents 33 universities and 31 colleges and is the largest and oldest student recruitment agency for Australia in Africa.

The agency assists at least 500 students annually from Kenya to further their studies in Australia.

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