Aukot expresses concern over extra ballot papers

Thirdway Alliance of Kenya presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot says he is concerned about the extra 1.2 million presidential ballot papers printed by Dubai firm Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing LLC.

Although the electoral commission has defended the printing of one per cent more ballot papers than the registered voters, Dr Aukot says the extra ballot papers are a cause for concern.

However, IEBC commissioner Paul Kurgat said this is in line with election regulations, which allow a voter the chance to replace his ballot paper if it is spoilt before casting.

On Saturday another commissioner Rosemary Akombe said there are 1.2 million ballot papers than needed, which surpasses the one per cent threshold, but this had been explained to the stakeholders.

Dr Aukot said IEBC must ensure the extra ballot papers are not mixed with others.

“IEBC must ensure that this particular batch of ballot papers does not mix with any other suspected fake ballot papers that can possibly be introduced, especially during transportation to the polling stations,” Dr Aukot said in a statement.

“Used, unused and spoilt ballot papers must be reconciled properly and results tallied transparently and transmitted without any hitches,” he added.

He said the commission must reassure Kenyans of its independence in the electoral process.

Dr Aukot thanked the commission for implementing recommendations it made on Saturday but said his party is still concerned about how the commission conducts itself.


He said any partisan engagement with state or non-state actors is likely to bring elections into disrepute.

“Early signs of this partisan engagement have been reported in the print media recently.

“We hope to see a commission that will remain constantly in dialogue with the players but jealously protect its independence,” he said.

He recommended that IEBC regularly updates and engages the stakeholders, particularly when challenges are encountered so that solutions can be found quickly as was the case with the ballot papers printing process.


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