Auditor General’s accuser skips meeting, fears for his life

The man behind the petition to remove Auditor-General Edward Ouko has failed to turn up to a meeting with the Finance, Trade and Planning Committee to make his case.

Emmanuel Mwagonah instead wrote to the committee expressing fears for his life.

He asked to be allowed to make a written submission and when he appears, to meet the committee away from the prying eyes of the press and the public.

Committee chairman Benjamin Lang’at read out part of Mr Mwagonah’s letter.

“He has set the three conditions,” said Mr Langat.

The committee did not take Mr Mwagonah’s refusal and the setting of conditions kindly, and a majority of members led by Mr Langat criticised him.

“He has to appear in person and number two, our Standing Orders provide for situations where we can hold proceedings in camera,” said Mr Langat.

This was backed by MPs Dr Oburu Oginga, Raheem Dawood, Shakeel Shabbir and Mary Emaase.

The committee is expected to make a decision on the way forward.

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