Athi River, Kitengela motorists want new Mlolongo weighbridge shut down

Motorists from Athi River and Kitengela are demanding the immediate shutdown of the newly commissioned weighbridge at Mlolongo until a solution to the chronic traffic jam created by the facility is found.

Through Were and Oonge Advocates, the motorists have threatened to go to court on Monday, March 13, if the Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) and the Transport ministry will not have decongested the area.

“Since the commissioning of the project, our clients who stay on the sides of Sabaki, Kitengela, Athi River and Daystar areas have had to endure tortuous traffic jam, on their way to work, which begins as early as 5 am in the morning,” says the letter addressed to the Director General of Kenha and the transport cabinet secretary.

“Some have spent over 40 minutes to an hour, daily, stuck in traffic that stretches over one kilometre long.”

The letter written on March 10, and copied to the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA), calls for the immediate closure of the weighbridge, “until such a time when you will provide a lasting solution to other Kenyans who also have a right to use the road without the interruptions …”

The motorists are also calling for the erection of proper signage to direct traffic especially the trucks heading and public transport buses that have blocked the road on account of the weighbridge. The motorists are equally angered at the design of the project: “Unfortunately, it now appears that the project was designed by an idiot or a professional who unfortunately never understood the effect of such a project on smooth flow of traffic, or did not go to school at all,” says the letter, which bears stamps of receipt by the various bodies it is addressed to.  

Acknowledging that the weighbridge is important and that it has cost tax payers a lot of money, “the same tax payer, who has paid for it, should not be inconvenienced in the manner they have been, in the last seven days, on account of stupidity on the part of designers of such an important project.”

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