Aspiring MPs soon to need college degrees

Aspirants for MP will now be required to have at least a degree, while those wishing to be MCAs must have a post-secondary school diploma.

This follows last night’s vote by MPs on a Bill by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to amend various election-related laws.

After the 2022 elections, MCAs will also be required to have a degree.

The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill is, however, still some way from full approval as MPs have to pass one final vote on the proposed law in its entirety and hand it over to the Senate.

There was no debate when the clause was passed.

With the National Assembly going on its December break last night but likely to hold special sittings to consider nominees to the electoral commission, the revenue allocation commission and the Budget Policy Statement, the Bill will take some time before it is sent to the President for approval.

This would give MPs and aspirants who are opposed to the proposal time to lobby for it to be scrapped either at the Senate or by the President via a veto of the Bill when it is presented for assent.

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