As Jubilee celebrates lack of quorum, NASA will have the last laugh


By Albert Nyakundi Amenya

Jubilee supporters are really funny. You see, today they are celebrating the fashioned absenteeism of judges that resulted to lack of quorum.

They are all over celebrating on social media and thanking God for it. Now they are saying Mungu amewatendea.

Judge Njoki Ndungu is not in Mombasa as alleged. In fact she is hiding at the Jubilee party headquarters in Pangani together with judge Jacktone Ojwang.

Smoking wanjala was forced not to leave his house this morning. In plain English he is under house arrest.

Deputy chief justice Philomena Mwilu cheated death yesterday. She could have been on the cold floors of Lee Funeral home.

Today’s lack of quorum at the Supreme Court is not by accident. It was well planned yesterday.

But wait until NASA petitions tomorrow’s shambolic PR exercise in the name of election before the same court. Just like the previous one, they will nullify it.

The same Jubilee keyboard Mujahadin hurling oral stones here will be all over crying like small babies trying to sympathize with Mr. Kenyatta.

My friend, during the petition, there will be no absenteeism. We have sreenshot most of your celebratiry posts and we shall use them as a reminder when we revisit.

I know Adolf Hitler made two lazy quotes:

“The winner shall not be asked how he did it”
“It is not the truth that matters, but victory”

Those days are long gone.

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