Another Nairobi Bound Bus from Mandera nearly kills passengers after front suspension comes off

Mandera Bus nearly kills passengers after front suspension comes off

Nairobi bound bus wheels off
Nairobi bound bus wheels off

Another Nairobi bound bus from North Eastern province almost killed passengers on board when its front tires and suspension caved in and the wheels or tires come off. A passenger was severely injured in the incident.

This comes a few days after another Bus from Mandera had an accident in Mwingi and what Kenyans saw on news and social media is still shocking because its Ball Joints and Tie rod ends were secured using sisal ropes.

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The NTSA representatives from North Eastern Province are still not picking media calls to ascertain how un-roadworthy vehicles can find their way onto public roads and are also allowed to carry unsuspecting passengers which is endangering their lives.

Accidents on the Kenyan roads is increasingly becoming a menace and no one is seemingly able to tame the vice. The crime is being done by uncaring PSV vendors who no longer care or don’t in any way follow safety traffic rules.


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