ANC risks losing out on nomination slots over non-compliance

Nasa co-principal Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC party may lose out on nomination slots in Parliament and county assemblies if it fails to comply with an order by the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal.

On July 27, the tribunal’s chairman Kyalo Mbobu ordered the party to withdraw its list of nominees and compose a fresh one after one of its members, Alexander Lunani, complained of having been irregularly substituted in the Kakamega County list.

Almost a month down the line, ANC is yet to comply with the order.

“The respondent is hereby directed to withdraw the final list of nominees submitted to the IEBC and restore the complainant’s name on the re-constituted party list,” Mr Mbobu said.


The evidence presented before the tribunal shows that ANC National Chairman, Kelvin Lunani, did not sign the statutory form 6 before forwarding the lists, which goes against the commission’s rules.

The party was also reminded of its failure to comply with representation of ethnic diversities and warned against using the list to “pacify” party nomination losers.

Mr Mudavadi’s party filed the list on June 20 and is entitled to two nominees of the 12 slots in the National Assembly, one of the 20 in the Senate and 15 out of hundreds in the county assemblies, according to the revised formula that allocates seats on the basis of party strength.


The electoral commission is required to pick and gazette the successful nominees to parliament and county assemblies before the end of this week to pave the way for their swearing-in.

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The commission said Tuesday that it will gazette MPs and MCAs on Wednesday.

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