All You Need To Know About Manwa Magoma, The Jubilee IEBC ‘Hacker’ Was a Crook At JKUAT Where He Did Engineering Diploma

By Lillian Mwaura

The year was 1999. Students were at pains with Vice Chancellor Ratemo Michieka due to poor living conditions in the mess and dining. As usual, the JKUSO(Jomo Kenyatta University Students Organization) Chairman summoned all students to a meeting at the Basketball Court which was beside Hall 3.

Manwa Magoma the Secretary General spoke and then invited the Chairman Adrian Ouma. Manwa Magoma, I will admit, he is a good orator, who was pursuing a Diploma. To the best of my knowledge, the JKUAT Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is the furthest academic qualification of his that I know, but he may have later enrolled in one of mushrooming night courses may be at USIU or KEMU or Mt Kenya University. As I write this, it’s in the public domain that he was the crook behind the cooking of data mining and manipulation at IEBC.

His tenure at JKUSO was riddled with massive corruption, during which he wouldn’t have passed a lifestyle audit. From the cafeteria to the student center, everyone who wanted to run a business inside JKUAT had to guarantee him 30% shares, without putting a coin of his own. He was rotten to the core. And not just that, he was a hypocrite who spoke with gusto during student meetings, but would soon disappear when rubber had to meet the road. He would then sneak to Michieka’s office at night to give him a list of ringleaders. Magoma, the man with a chronic short man’s syndrome, was a co-conspirator in the ugandamizaji wa fellow comrades. The fellow, like a tick, sucks on the blood of his comrades.

And so am not surprised when this corrupt student leader and con artist turns out to be the man at the heart of Africa’s greatest electoral subversion of justice. His record, since his days in JKUAT is very clear, that Manwa Magoma is greedy enough to sell his own countrymen for the sake of hella.

After earning his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering the fellow would be heard hosting crossfire at Kiss, filling in for Quackoo whenever he was out of town. Shortly thereafter the gentleman was at Consumer Insight where he was in charge of opinion polls. A Diploma graduate supervising Opinion Polls. That’s ridiculous. Someone later told me that he moved around with fake degree papers. Claimed that he had an MBA when he didn’t. His appetite to do river road stuff goes way back.

It’s also not surprising that the academically dwarf Diploma in Mechanical Engineering graduate masquerades as a voodoo political & business analyst that pretends to be neutral, yet all he does is spew pro-Jubilee rhetoric coated as neutral analysis.

And like he played dirty for the Vice Chancellor, Ratemo Michieka, Magoma has now taken his betrayal of his generation and lack of camaraderie to the national stage. While Kenyans were busy voting, Manwa Magoma was busy subverting their will by plugging in figures. Having tweeted all day about near accurate projections about voter turnout and accurate results, hours to the close of voting, and way before the voting numbers had even crystallized in the IEBC portal, there’s circumstantial evidence to show that shortie Magoma should be deposed by the DPP as to what he knows about stuff that would only have been in the knowledge of folks with access to the server.

One thing for sure from the JKUAT experience is that Magoma is a short Kisii dude who will stop at nothing to make quick bucks at the expense of the suffering comrades and fellow citizens. It hasn’t escaped Kenyans that the Mastermind of 2017 faking of Forms 34 As & Bs was involved in the Waiguru NYS rip-off in cahoots with Angela Angwenyi. Going the stupidly executed rigging operation that he attempted to execute, he seems to be a bright boy, even though he got a C- in KCSE, but I wish he could direct his energy to a greater cause.

And with the likelihood of a fresh election becoming ever more remote under the prevailing IEBC divisions & wrangles, and as the subversion of the will of the Kenyan people becoming ever more clear within the international community circles, Manwa Magoma will in due course be hauled to court, and the once promising JKUAT student leader, who later rose through the corporate ladder through deceipt, who feeds the public with state house manufactured propaganda will finally go to jail- for a long time to face justice for subverting the will of the kenyan people and performing serious election fraud at all levels, from MCA, MP, Senator, Governor & President. Manwa Magoma, the man at the center of subverting & hacking the will of the Kenyan people.
Read about his role in NYS scandal HERE


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