All About Jewish Religion, Freemasons, illuminate, Jesuits, Scientology And Much More

Kenya News:

By Mule Martin

Some people have inboxed me about the Tuju Story on Jewish religion and symbols.

Let me answer them here in public.

The freemasons started at the so called King Solomons building of the temple. on the onset, the King Solomon as depicted in the Bible is not the true King Solomon. King Solomon is a mockery of King #MansaMusa of Mali.

Israel as constituted today is not jews, these are buddings of a tribe called Uigurs from Turkey. The jews of the Bible are blacks not crafted beings.

The whites appeared on planet earth 6,000 years ago.

Freemasonry has evolved into so many faces, the Mormons, the Illuminati, the religious institutions, the scientology the Jesuits and so many others..all they want is to to rule the planet eart and take it from the original owners, human beings.

The fake jews who are the creation of Rothchild family killed Jesus because he told them the truth that they were the children of the DEVIL, read John 8:44.

I have dedicated more than 20 years of research to this issue, and my research has taken me to Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, Mali, South Africa, Germany and Southern France whgere Mary Magdalena remains are interned, East Africa where it all began, Israel, Iraq, Syria and the East where Jesus spend quite sometimes studying meditation.

By the way the Luciferian who are pursuing a NWO ideologies are using God’s principles to attain their goals but in INVERSION. So the line between godliness and luciferian is very thin indeed.

When I write about this topic its just a tip of the iceberg…

Kenya News 

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