AlcoBlow is back: NTSA deploys 50 more breathalysers to tame drunk drivers

NTSA has acquired 50 new breathalyzers with the support of World Bank in efforts to tame drunk driving.

This will be in addition to the ones the transport regulator already has.

“We intend to use them from tomorrow during our random drink driving operation in towns and major highways,” Francis Meja, NTSA director general, said.

In a statement on Thursday, he reminded Kenyans to opt for use of taxis instead of risking their lives by driving while under influence.

“These operations are about the enhancement of safe driving including the safety of the drunk driver themselves.”

He said the gadgets will enhance the agency’s efforts significantly.

On April 7, the Court of Appeal said the use of breathalyzers to charge drunken drivers in court is illegal.

A three-judge bench said the laws introduced by NTSA are inconsistent with the Traffic Act.

Appeal judges GBM Kariuki, Festus Azangalala and Fatuma Sichale ordered that they be taken back to Parliament for review.

The judges said anyone found drunk-drink-driving should be charged under traffic laws, not AlcoBlow rules.

But Meja said that following the ruling, the agency will use a different section of the law to charge the drivers.

NTSA says it will apply Section 44 (1) of the Traffic Act which outlaws anyone from driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

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