BREAKING NEWS: Uhuru ICC Lawyer Evans Monari Meets with IEBC’s Dr Akombe, Commission Is 99% Plus Jubilee.

Top Jubilee operatives are overworking, they managed to get a ‘one on one’ exclusive with IEBC Commissioner Dr Roselyne Akombe.

Evans Monari is a top city lawyer who has been on retainer for Uhuru since KANU days. Monari represented Uhuru, Muthaura and General Hussein Ali at the ICC.
Monari is a smooth Jubilee/Statehouse operative.

Well, if Dr Akombe is ‘game’ then soon you will start seeing her gravitating unapologetically towards Jubilee dropping the ‘independent’ mind that has been a pain for Uhuru supporters.

Well, we have a US ambassador who is Jubilee leaning, top UN agencies in Nairobi are headed by Jubilee leaning persons.

Remember Dr Akombe is on record saying she together with her close relations were under threats, her brother is reported to have freed to USA through Tanzania after he was threatened by state agencies.


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