Why should you advertise on KDRTV?

Good question! KDRTV is the fastest growing Kenya news platform for those with interest in Kenya and selected global news. Every month, we post hundreds of high quality news reports. KDRTV has an active community with expert guest bloggers.

Since the start in 2013, KDRTV has registered explosive growth; it has quickly become an authoritative website, with thousands of likes, social shares and incoming links from high quality news websites.


Get your brand in front of ten thousands of educated, young Kenyans:

  • 900.000 + visits per month (increasing each month!)
  • 3,000,000 + page views per month


The target audience is primarily male, between 20-40 years old with high education. KDRTV is read in 130+ countries, but the target audience resides mainly in Kenya, with large concentrations in the US and western Europe as well.

Age distribution

demographics-age Advertise on KDRTV


demographics-gender1 Advertise on KDRTV

Ok, so where can I advertise exactly?

KDRTV has three advertising positions:

Position Banner format
Header ads 728 x 90 example
Top-sidebar ad 300 x 250 example
In-content ad 336 x 280 example


KDRTV uses an ad delivery system called ‘Doubleclick for Publishers’. With this system, we can place your advertisement exactly the agreed upon impressions. For example, if you would like 100.000 ad impressions, we can show your ad exactly that amount of impressions, within the time frame you prefer. Afterwards, you will receive a transparent campaign report (example), with total amount of impressions, clicks, CTR, etcetera.


You pay per 1.000 impressions (CPM = Cost per mille). Pricing differs per slot.

Position Banner format Pricing
Header ad 728 x 90 CPM = 0.50 USD
Top-sidebar ad 300 x 250 CPM = 0.50 USD
In-text ad 336 x 280 CPM = 0.50 USD


  • Minimum amount of impressions is 10,000
  • Ad creation is the responsibility of the advertiser


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