Aden Duale hits out at Raila Odinga for backing jailed doctors

National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale has hit back at opposition leader Raila Odinga over his statement on the jailed doctors’ officials, accusing him of playing politics with the issue.

“Raila Odinga is at it again: perfecting the art of scapegoating, lamenting and blame game. Odinga should respond to claims of corruption and extortion, which is scaring away investors in the agricultural field,” said Duale in a press statement sent to newsrooms yesterday.

Duale accused the Cord leader of playing populist politics by choosing to stand with the jailed union leaders and not millions of Kenyans who are suffering in health facilities adding that the current situation was created by Mr Odinga and his friends when he served as the country’s premier in the coalition government.

“The leaders of the doctors union have not been jailed by the Executive. They have not been jailed for pursuing their rights. They have been jailed for disobeying the court.

“In fact, the ‘illegal CBA’ that has created all this suffering to Kenyans was entered into when Odinga served as Prime Minister in the Coalition Government with the health docket led by his close ally, supporter and appointee, Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o,” he said.

But in a quick rejoinder, through a statement by Norman Magaya, Chief Executive Officer

Nasa Secretariat, scoffed at the claims by Mr Duale and castigated the government for holding onto billions of shillings meant for county governments to manage health sector.

“When the lives, dignity and property of Kenyans are at risk as is the case with the doctors’ strike, Kenyans look up to the one institution that sums up the totality of the Kenya nation and that is the presidency.

“If Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee government has surrendered that mandate and responsibility, they must immediately let Kenyans know, disband the ministry of health and transfer all funds to counties to deal with health matters,” read the statement.

He also added that Jubilee was under no obligation to inherit what the Grand coalition initiated and it was fraud for Jubilee to adopt and claim credit for what Odinga initiated like the SGR then blame him when the same regime fails to actualize what they inherited from Mr Odinga.

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