Act on land lease cheats

Some devious Kenyans, and there are many out there, will always seek to take advantage of any situation for their own personal gain.

This explains the rampant corruption in the public sector, and also in private enterprises, where the driving force is pursuit of self-interest, at the expense of the public good and service delivery.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that cartels have emerged to illegally profit from the expiry of land leases around the country.

Ideally, the occupants should seek renewals, or surrender the land to the authorities for reallocation.

But the crooks have seen an opening here to intimidate and extort money or grab the land.


Hundreds of people whose leases have expired or were just about to, have fallen prey to con men, exploiting loopholes in the land laws and lack of regulations to streamline the handling of the change in land tenure.

The most affected are Nairobi’s city centre, Westlands, Parklands and Ngara, and also in Mombasa, where forged documents executed with the collusion of corrupt lands officials, have been used to try and disinherit the rightful owners.

In some cases, homes have been demolished. The law is clear that priority in  the renewal of the leases should be given to those currently occupying it.

The lands and county authorities must rein in the greedy crooks and cancel the fraudulently sanctioned transfers.

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