Achilling Warning To Raila and His NASA, Chang Tactic For Different Result

Raila needs to stand his ground ,let’s form a caretaker government and then hold fresh elections in 6 months.

This whole election was shambolic ,from the nominations to the ballot .If Kenyans are serious about change ,we must open a new page . Please don’t feed me the “country needs to move on bullshit”.

What Kenya needs is a complete overhaul of the IEBC and the parties involved in this election, that’s Jubilee and NASA. If Raila really wants change we must start from our doorstep. We cannot claim justice when we don’t practice it .

If Raila makes the mistake of taking part in the Octobrr 17th polls he is going to be rigged out again this time by a bigger margin Jubilee operatives have a point to prove so they will work twice as much and they don’t care.


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