A sad reality that made a KDF soldier cry after coming from Somalia

KDF soldiers in the battlefield

Ken, not his real name says that it never dawned on him that one day as grown up man and a ‘real’ man he will ever shade tears.

According to him, some people think that when you are a soldier you are tough and you can face some situations without them weighing them down on you as a soldier.

The 37-year old soldier from one of the barracks in Nairobi said that at no given time did he think of going to Somalia to combat the Al-Shabaab militia. He further said that after much pressure from his boss he answered the call of defending his nation as he had sworn during his pass out in Eldoret.

He said their mission in Somalia was not a walk in the park as KDF soldiers. They had to endure horrific experiences in a foreign country. Ken said that it was so sad to see some of his colleagues die and others get injured in Somalia on the line of duty.

Additionally, ken said that he was faced with extreme stress and guilt about their deaths and injuries and at times he found himself terrified even up to date when he is at home. He also revealed that Somalia memories have made him fear going back there.

All in all, Ken came back home safe and sound only to be confronted by a sad reality. According to him upon arrival, he found that his wife had been impregnated by one of the senior officers and she openly told him that she was no longer interested in him.

 Ken said that after inquiring he learned that his wife was in love with the boss long before he went to Somalia and they conspired with his boss in seeing to it that he was sent on a mission outside the country so that they could have an ample time to relate.

When he asked the wife why she had betrayed their love the wife accused him of cheating on her, even though she admits she has no good reason to believe that.

She said that she attributed that to past experiences with her ex -boyfriend who did cheat and on some of the stories KDF soldiers wives told her about their husband cheating on them when away on missions with some going to an extent of raping women in battlefields.

Ken said that upon hearing this his heart broke down and he felt so dejected and humiliated by the person he really loved and trusted. He further said that he cried like a little baby because at no given time had he cheated on his wife. The simple act of mistrust affected Ken negatively both socially and mentally.

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