A Passionate Plea To Ezra Chiloba’s Mother and Father, If He Still Has One.

By Eric O

This is a passionate plea to Ezra Chiloba’s mother, if he still has a mother.

To Chiloba’s father, if he still has a father.

To Chiloba’s grandfather and grandmother. If one or both of you is still alive.

To Chiloba’s wife. To Chiloba’s friends.

I have brought the battle to your family’s doorsteps.

Tell your grandson, your son, your husband, your friend to go.

Already several people have been killed in his name because he allowed himself to be used to bungle an election including a 6 months old Baby Pendo, senselessly killed because of your son’s stubborn refusal to stand for the truth and do his work.

Already he has allegedly been accused of luring Msando to his death.

We are going to spend over Kshs. 15 billion conducting another election, money which could have been used to help mother’s dying during childbirth in our hospitals, cancer patients, children with various preventable and treatable ailments.

This nation is bigger than your grandson, your son, your husband. Tell him to find something else to do.

Do not continue to eat blood money from him.

Tell him to have some little conscience and resign today to avoid further bloodshed. Tell him that continuing to allow himself to be used by Jubilee will have consequences.

And the blood of those who die we shall require from his hands.

If you are a member of his immediate or extended family, have some conscience, honour and respect for our Nationhood and tell him to leave.

Because leave he MUST.

We are not going to allow him conduct another election in the Republic of Kenya.

However long it takes.

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