A Friend Of The Woman Who Stripped Naked During Anti-Ezra Chiloba Demonstrations Speaks Out, Why She Could Not Do It.

“If Babu Owino doesn’t apologize to the president within 24hrs. I’ll strip naked in his constituency and run around naked. The president must be respected”
~ Sabina Joy
This socialite is going to run around naked demonstrating on behalf of uthamakistan. And you will agree with me that the Nasarites must be represented by a worthy competitor.

Well, that is what prompted us to think of also stripping naked during the anti-IEBC Ezra Chiloba demonstrations.

We volunteered to represent NASA… Since it seems to be the trend nowadays to strip and parade your goodies to all and sundry.

However I developed cold feet as my friend proceeded to partly show off a section of her bare bottom.

I’m afraid that may never gather courage to do it like my friend owing to several reasons:

1. My breasts having nurtured and breathed life into a child have since gone south. I need to raise them to the north and enlarge them to a DD cup for tremendous TIBIM impact…

2. My thighs having been stretched during pregnancy may be looking a wee bit stripped like those of a zebra

3. My punani…dare I talk about this? I once had a Ugandan friend and you all know they like to elongate them by pulling on them. The reason I don’t go commando…ok let’s not go there…

4. My waistline…oh I weep…having listened to tales that men like something they can grab onto as they ride with abandon, I am afraid I may have eaten excessively…

And so yes I am here to plead for a little money to sculpt this body into a dreamy shape that can take part in the new type demonstrations…

The paybill number is my Wells Fargo account…

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