The NASA formation took twists and turns until Baba’s hammer nailed it. This is how the story goes. Once upon a time, there was CORD coalition. CORD was a contemporary identifier of ODM after swallowing Wiper and Ford Kenya; but still, it was Agwambo’s.

Within CORD; there were one priest and two altar boys. One altar boy was deemed loyal and at the same time helpless, whereas the other was treated with care having had a fragile past.

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka would find no better market to sell Wiper at a good price except in CORD. Raila Odinga, on the other hand, would still command a good population in western Kenya even without Wetangula. He has done that before.

Having Wetangula was geared more towards compacting the western region’s support for Raila, more than consolidating Ford Kenya and ODM votes.

 In fact, Wetangula’s entry into CORD ended up raising the political value of Musalia who at the time remained a weak point for opposition support in western.

Mudavadi played his game from lane nine, yet again he has finally been netted. The idea was, not to let ANC into CORD as that would have been bonga points for Raila who at the time was the mask the coalition wore.

Had NASA managed to lure CORD into dissolving into it, or even rebranding, then suddenly Mudavadi would join the team from a higher ground and as the prime “principal”. That didn’t happen as intended, but take a look at who won.

Wetangula was opposed to NASA knowing well that Mudavadi’s advent would topple his worth amongst the other two.
Kalonzo on was opposed to NASA since it would give Mudavadi advantage when it comes to determining the flagbearers in the coming election.

 Raila in his wisdom engineered rejection of NASA launch until a time when he fully owned it. While his team frustrated the launch, Raila took to the field to popularize both NASA and Mudavadi.

By so doing, Baba owned the party while Mudavadi owned the idea. The time was ripe and NASA finally launched.

Today, CORD, Raila, and NASA are synonyms. In simple terms, CORD and Nasa are ODM mutated. So what is the consequence of Mudavadi joining ODM disguised as NASA?

 Not much for him but Wetangula lost relevance big time especially after the Atwoli led declaration. Kalonzo has since the launch become the wildcard on the opposition’s table.

Dimensions shifted the moment NASA was formed; it has gone National. Raila, Mudavadi, and Wetangula represent Western Kenya.

Kalonzo for that matter represents the broader Eastern and parts of North Eastern Kenya since there are vacuumed areas for NASA politically speaking. There cannot, therefore, emerge a president and deputy from one region.

Today as we speak, the coastal region remains opposition loyalties majorly behind Raila and aren’t greedy for the top job. On top of that, ODM as a party enjoys support spread all around the country than Mudavadi and Wetangula combined.

The highest both Mudavadi and Wetangula can get in NASA government is ministerial positions. We, therefore, remain with two candidates within NASA to juggle for the two positions of the presidency.

Until this point, we have separated boys from men. Now let us find out why Kalonzo is the only strand holding NASA together.

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