I have been watching the news lately and one of the highlights each day is the panic by the political class that people are not registering to vote.

As much as it’s a surprise to them, to me and other critical thinking Kenyans, it is not. This is because of the choices that we have on the ballot – the tale of rotten apples on one side and rotten mangoes on the other.

Kenyans are one unlucky lot. We may have the best game parks with the best wild animals, the best long-distance runners and the friendliest people.

But our downfall is our politicians. They are more wondrous than the seventh wonder of the world. Since time immemorial, we have had one selfish leader after another who cares only about his stomach.

They have used politics and power to enrich themselves while the rest of us go hungry and wallow in poverty. Call it naivety or brainwashing, somehow we continue to glorify them as if they were demi-gods.

The political class has proved it does not have the solutions that we, the public, are looking for. Therefore, voter apathy should not come as a surprise. People are tired of being lied to; people are tired of the selfishness that keeps changing hands.

While we thought we were devolving development, we have devolved corruption and theft instead.

In which world does 70 per cent of a county’s budget go to salaries while 20 per cent is left for development?

The two main coalitions in today’s politics are Jubilee and the new kid on the block, NASA. Jubilee has some projects like the SGR to boast of. However, massive graft has tainted their image.

On the other hand, NASA, the ‘loser’-driven coalition, offers no hope. Most of the top contenders are recycled leaders who once had big posts in Government yet they did nothing for the people.

They may be back with another name but Kenyans can see clearly through the clutter.

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