In practice, many democratic countries are multi-party states that allow for political pluralism. Kenya is one of them.

In the recent past, we have witnessed many political parties merge to form one strong political party. Examples include Jubilee Party and NASA.

This system of of political parties coming together to form one grouping is a delicate one.

The mergers and coalitions must work on maintaining good relations among themselves.

Therefore, members are required to show respect for each other’s views and traditions.

For survival and a good working climate to prevail, trust, tolerance, respect, consultation, consensus building, compromise and accommodation of other principles should be the order of the day.

Key players in the political mergers and coalitions should rise above politics and ensure equitable and fair treatment of all members.

Otherwise, dictatorship may creep in and dismantle the group, especially during the party nomination process. This must be handled with a lot of care.

The opposite could lead to an unhealthy national political environment hence bad governance, which goes against the national values and principles particularly where democracy and participation of the people is under threat.

I appeal to all those in political leadership to do everything possible to ensure that this country remains united, peaceful and prosperous.

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