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300 Million Budget Just For Uhuru’s Inauguration

By Kenneth Kaunda Joe

Political Analyst and KDRTV Europe Correspondent

It cannot escape any pragmatic and realistic mind neither does it require an economist to understand that an event that is conducted for a few hours could cost the taxpayers up to 300 million Kenya Shillings. Kenya is currently at economic and political crossroads and the thought of Jubilee administration spending so much for the coronation of Uhuru Kenyatta is mind boggling to say the least.

Going by reports from international institutions such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kenya’s economy is not doing good and this is mainly due to unhindered corruption and poor management of funds within the government.

In the last few months the country has experienced numerous failures of major and critical service outlets due to lack of funds. There have been industrial actions by every critical sector of the economy due to lack of funds, there has been perennial poverty related deaths majorly in drought prone areas due to lack of funds, there has been lack of commitment to the devolution process due to lack of funds and so on. These issues did not hinder the Jubilee administration from spending a staggering amount on a process that could take much less.

The question that Kenyans are asking is what may have pushed this budget so high. These are the same questions that Kenyans have pondered over concerning Eurobond, National Youth Service (NYS) loot, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense and many more. These are the same questions that Kenyans have never received a convincing response to. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy have presided over wanton looting of the economy and they have kicked it off with the same tempo on the second inauguration.

The country has experienced a protracted political battle that has left the economy struggling and still threatens to continue and this is the time Kenya needs a considerate, empathetic and selfless leadership. This is not the time to spend 300 million in a process whereby all requisites are government owned.

What cost taxpayers 300 million? Could it be the decoration of the VIP dais? As Kenyans, we need to ask tough questions and have to demand for the answers.

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