19 Ugandan fishermen arrested by Kenyans in revenge mission


The Rural Border Patrol Police officers have detained 19 boats belonging to Ugandan fishermen at Nambo Beach in Bondo sub-county.

The police confiscated the vessels and the occupants of the boats, who were allegedly fishing in the Kenyan waters on Monday night.

The three-hour operation led by Inspector Benard Ongoro saw 19 Ugandan fishermen arrested in what is seen as a retaliatory move by the Kenyan security officers following the incessant arrest, torture and extortion of Kenyan fishermen by their Ugandan counterparts.

Last week, more than 80 Kenyan fishermen were arrested, detained at Sigulu Island in Uganda and fined Sh150, 000 by Ugandan authorities for allegedly fishing in Ugandan waters and failing to pay tax.

It is believed the move by the Kenyan authorities is aimed at forcing bi-lateral talks between respective ministries in the two countries to find a lasting solution to the protracted fishing conflict in the waters of Lake Victoria.

Nambo Beach Management Unit (BMU) secretary Alfred Ochieng welcomed the arrest, terming it a breakthrough.


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