10 minutes of carnage: Timeline of Las Vegas shooting


A shooter opened fire on a concert in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and wounding nearly 500 in a 10-minute barrage of gunfire.

Here is a timeline of the attack and the law enforcement response released by Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo: 

10:05pm: Shooter Stephen Paddock opens fire on the concert. 

10:12pm: Two officers arrive on the 31st floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and say the gunfire is coming from above them. 

10:15pm: The last shots are fired. 

10:17pm: Officers arrive on the hotel’s 32nd floor, from which Paddock carried out the attack. 

10:18pm: A security guard tells officers that he was shot and gives the location of the shooter’s hotel room. More than 200 rounds were fired from the room into the hallway. 

10:26-10:30pm: Eight more police officers reach the 32nd floor of the hotel and begin clearing each room and searching for wounded. 

11:20pm: Officers use explosives to breach the door of Paddock’s room, which was a suite. They find him on the ground and discover a locked bedroom door. 

11:27pm: Officers breach the second door and determine that no one else is present in the suite.

Marilou Danley says she had hoped for a quiet future with Stephen Paddock.


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