Why Mkombozi CJ Maraga will postpone the already-rigged Jubilee election


By David M.N.

Forgive me for the title as it is painful for fellowJubilee supporters but it is time to again accept the reality.

As it stands Raila has succeeded in getting the repeat election scheduled for October 26 put off until a later date as evidenced by the recent happenings.

First of all, multiple credible sources have intimated that IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati will be in the Supreme Court tomorrow admitting that it is impossible to hold the election on October 26. Never mind that it is Raila himself who has made it impossible.

Secondly, Raila never cedes ground unless he has a bigger game play planned. He yesterday told Kenyans not to demonstrate on Thursday. This is not because he wants to allow the elections to go on but because he knows what the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling will be.

Remember Maraga has refused to certify Tuju’s case or any other case filed against Raila at the Supreme Court as urgent instead he has pushed them to Friday.

It is also important to remember that Raila told Kenyans to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court one day before the ruling was made.

He already knew the outcome and I was almost 100% certain that the verdict will favor him. His entrance to the chambers all smiles confirmed my worst fears.

Third and final point is that Raila has called for a rally at Uhuru Park at 2pm tomorrow. Election regulations state that there shall be no political rallies or campaigns two days before an election.

His rally will come after the verdict has been delivered postponing the election again meaning the election regulations will have become null and void. It therefore means it is a celebration rally to show how powerful he is.

Whatever he annouces at the rally will definitely sink Kenya deeper into unchartered waters and only God knows the future.

I could be wrong, I could be right but this is what I think will happen.

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