WHAT MEDIA Did Not Show You, Behind The Scenes At Kibera Law Court as Babu Owino Was Charged Over Assault

Behind the scenes as Babu Owino was produced in court facing s charge of assaut; first it was no secret that the rogue police officers were determined to arrest Babu Owino yet again. But the people were more determined to block any such plans. During the hearing, all road exits were closed{TukTuk and Matatus} parked in the middle of both ends of the roads. The angry youth would also take over the operations of the main gate where all cars leaving the premises were thoroughly being searched in case Babu was being hidden somewhere in the boots. Inside the premises the hungry mean looking police officers were kept reminded that “Watajua Hii Ni Kibera sio Milimani”. One of the youth pulled a show when he walked over to a police officer, tried to grab his gun, not to take it away , but was asking the cop to dare shoot him if he thinks he got balls. The cop and his colleagues silently walked away for their ‘safety’.
Babu Owino was never going anywhere!
Well, the most interesting part was when Babu was released on bail. The kind of ring fence that surrounded Babu Owino on his way out was one of its kind. I could see the shock in the eyes of the flying squad officers.They were taken by surprise. They were left gnashing their brown teeth with anger and bitterness. A group in front were literal pushing away riot police who were manning the premises to pave way for Babu Owino. The flying squad officers had 50 police cars, 200armed GSUs to arrest and whisk Babu away, but through the power of the people, Babu Owino walked away with chants of ‘Wakuje Sasa Waone’! Those boys who were appointed by the size of their teeth today witnessed something they have never seen in their career.!
Now that was for Babu Owino, You dont want to imagine when it comes to Raila Odinga….Omera Ouru Okcham!

Credit Phelix G-cord

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