~Ephraim Njega
I am well seized of the fact that many of us are torn between the idea of pushing the fight for a better country and looking the other way in order to avoid destabilising our current lifestyle which is already in great jeopardy.

The idea of losing one’s income should the country grind to a halt or slip into chaos is not appealing to many. Many cannot figure out whether it is a sacrifice worth making. Some would rather live under oppression with relative stability.

In a country where even the so called middle class can’t survive for three months without an income the idea of sustained resistance is a hard sell.

The paralysis and stagnation over the last four years has resulted in losses and it is hard to imagine the situation progressing on for a longer period. We cannot pretend that these questions are not weighing heavily on the minds of both Jubilee and NASA supporters. I wonder if the leaders are allocating them similar weight.

Personally, I have sacrificed a lot of time over the last five years educating people on the dangers of Jubilee Government and the ever present risk of disintegration and chaos it has put us in. The results are now clear to everyone. I even took four months off routine work as the general election approached in order to create awareness on the mess that is Jubilee.

The coming days are going to be critical. Everyone will have to make the hardest of choices. What should be clear to all is that we have created a very unequal and unjust country which is definitely unsustainable.

It is in everyone’s interest to fight for a just country. Injustice cannot sustain a country. Close to 50% of our population is living in abject poverty. They are a can of diesel waiting for a spark. The sooner we establish a government committed to growing the economy, to prudently managing financial resources and to closing the gap between the rich and the poor the better.

This is the only way to secure the future of our country and ensure those with a stable income can continue to enjoy the fruits of their sweat without let or hindrance.

The only path to this is a truly free, fair and credible election. To give up on this is to give up on democracy and on our country.

Let us carefully weigh our short term desire for stability against the long term desire for the same. Stability without sustainability is nothing. We can only build on sinking sand for so long. One day the building will come down. This is the time to strengthen the foundation.


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